Orange Show 2023
Orange Show Society

Fireworks lit up the sky on the Orange Showground bringing down the curtain on a big day for volunteers who say number were up for Show 151.
The fireworks were delayed until 9 to give the traveling ride owners a bigger money take and Bill Milne said it was a fantastic result for the community events.

Events were popular on a big schedule and the pet show organised by Diesel and Blue Doggie Day Care was a huge success.

Sarah McDonald who was staying at the nearby caravan park said having her Siberian Husky in the event meant much to her. “I have had two brain tumours and leukemia and having my dog here in the show was sending a message that companion animals are so important . Its him and gods love and the love of my family who have helped me survive the riggers of life.

Alicia Watts and Tux took best in show with a sheep dog, as chickens, a goat 2 Guinea pigs and a cat joined a large Orange showcase of family and pets.
Alicia said she was a bit surprised her timid collie won best kept and the overall prize.
I was really quiet surprised he was a bit intimidated by the crowd and really didn’t like the attention but it was fun.
Cr Dave Mallard who judged the event said it was pleasing so many animals in the community were there. “Its fantastic for everybody , smiling faces.

Paris Capella is Orange’s Rural Woman of 2023 awarded at the 151st Orange show which has drawn good crowds Saturday in glorious sunshine.
Paris has thanked the community and show organisers.
its been quite a journey from home here in Orange to Uni in Canberra and my time in soil management has helped me help farmers.
Paris says farmers for climate action are driving the environmental message and she is working with the agriculture industry in and around Orange.

Also driving that message Indigenous leader Neil Ingram who welcomed people to Wiradjuri Country and said they were caretakers for the land people were on. Mr Ingram says he is excited about the NSW Geographical Board who have recommended Ghana Bulu become the official name of Mt Canobolas.
We expect that to happen soon and its fabulous for the recognition of our beautiful mountain .” he said. Cr Dave Mallard said he was pleased with the decision as Orange City Council had supported it.

Orange mayor Jason Hamling congratulated the volunteers “They do such hard work brilliant to see some many people here.

Committee man Ben Wyatt said the 151st show indicated its value to the community.
This is run by a small community of volunteers and they hardly get an hours sleep.