Sorry Day 2023

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Orange Deputy Mayor and Indigenous leader Gerald Power says a flame of hope lit in the Southcourt signifies what reconciliation is about and the acknowledgement of the past on Sorry Day.

He told a large crowd at Orange Civic centre the flame of hope recognizes the hurt of the past and reconciliation ‘’For our children, our children’s children and so we can be better.’’

He said the two worlds collided in some sense a man from Greece  local businessman Chris Gryllis and he and indigenous elder Neil Ingram where it was suggested the flame could mean something for everybody.

‘’it’s a symbol of peace.’’ Cr Power said.

The indigenous leader said the reconciliation week was on the ‘walk together’ to the Voice Referendum .

‘’We can’t hide in our donas and wish it away we have to move forward together. People found it difficult politicians couldn’t say sorry but at Redfern the prime minister Paul Keating did and he explained of the hurt and disappointment the sorrow. We must be careful with our words on this journey.’’

Local Kristie Hunt said the respects to survivors, the children and those whose have been part of the stolen generation we respect and are sorry as a community.